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Story Arc Relic and Reliquary. Although he was always unique child Diogenes pushed over the edge during traumatic event their childhoods resulting brain damage and heterochromia iridis. Colt Anaconda doubleaction revolver. Reliquary Thriller May Agent Pendergast Hidden deep beneath Manhattan lies warren of tunnels sewers and galleries mostly forgotten by those who walk the streets above [...]

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MichaelsKindle Edition. An inversion of the usual setup since Diogenes is younger pair. Pendergast and Constance soon learn that Exmouth is town with troubled history this skeleton may be only the first hint of ancient transgression which now kept secret [...]

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Short stories. With the town under siege and Corrie life in desperate danger Pendergast must solve riddle of past. But their reunion is cut short when Helen brazenly abducted be. This entry named for Agent Pendergast because he appears in it more than any other character novels so far publication order are Relic Reliquary Cabinet of Curiosities Still Life with Crows Brimstone Dance Death Book Dead Wheel Darkness Cemetery Fever Dream Cold Vengeance Two Graves White Fire Blue Labyrinth Crimson Shore Obsidian Chamber City Endless NightNovels Same Universe Mount Dragon Thunderhead Ice Limit Gideon Crew Series Sword Corpse Lost Island Beyond LimitOther Jennie Riptide Tyrannosaur Now has Sheet ovides Examples All There Manual authors like provide extra information through email newsletters [...]

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Nora Kelly New York Museum of Natural History curator also featured as protagonist in Thunderhead. Today he discovers she was murdered. They should [...]

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Isabella Pendergast mother also killed in fire. Please try again later. Da Chief Rocker. Suddenly they find that are targets having to protect themselves from brutal exterminator. I asked the same questions [...]

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Margo Green New York Museum of Natural History curator. Boethius Pendergast Lived at the Penumbra was good friends with famed naturalist painter John James Audubon However Fever Dream also mentioned that greatgreat grandfather who . At remote monastery they learn that rare and dangerous artifact monks have been guarding for generations has mysteriously stolen. Kjane TOP REVIEWER [...]

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All these first books take place in New York. out of stars. Although she has Svengali type feelings for Pendergast falls prey to his brother psychotic seduction resulting child. A SHOCKING RETURN Sick with grief Pendergast ward Constance retreats . Eli Glinn president of Effective Engineering Solutions Inc [...]

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Eli Glinn president of Effective Engineering Solutions Inc. I was mesmerized. TraskThe housekeeper of Pendergast mansion at Riverside Drive. The museum directors decide go ahead with exhibition regardless [...]

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At remote monastery they learn that rare and dangerous artifact monks have been guarding for generations has mysteriously stolen. An FBI agent destined to confront what he fears most himsel. X [...]

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Ratings Reviews editionsDon miss the this exciting New York Times best MoreWant to ReadShelving menuShelve Pharaoh ReadingWant ReadAdd ShelfRate advertisement Related series Pendergast primary works total Diogenes Helen Wyman Ford Goodreads Inc. Pendergast is quite distraught when realizes created Diogenes all along suppressed the memory until that point. The Big Easy Where Pendergast comes from. Brimstone Thriller Aug Agent Pendergast body is found in the attic of fabulous Long Island estate [...]

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Short stories edit Extraction Story Pendergast tells the of how Diogenes and encountered local urban legend children man acting Tooth Fairy. The Italian police in Brimstone actually are quite helpful and forthcoming at least until end when Agosta fingers of country most influential prominent figures Big Bad right up convincing storm guy fortress [...]